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Data processing & dashboard

Our Datal@b has cutting-edge statistical processing technology, which allows us to support you at every phase of data exports, processing and analysis. Our tried and tested processes guarantee you high-quality and bespoke deliverables.

Survey data statistical processing and dashboard

A team of 9 dedicated senior experts

A powerful and secured server fully dedicated to data processing

Advanced software solely for statistical data processing and analysis

Data Processing & Dashboard

Also responsible for questionnaire scheduling (and online survey administration), our Datal@b is involved from the start of your project and able to effectively anticipate and support your requirements.

Our areas of action:

  • CATI/CAWI/CAPI questionnaire scheduling (personalised style guide as appropriate)

  • Codification of open questions

  • Proofing/correction of verbatim statements

  • Data export in a large range of formats

  • Adjustment

  • Tabulation (sub-totals, scores, reconstructions)

  • Cross-reference tabulation (various significant levels)

  • Statistical analysis (correlation, typology, regressions, trade off, max diff, etc.)

  • Dataviz (simple dashboards, complex reporting)

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