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Multi-modal surveys

To best meet your objectives, we favour a hybrid approach through multi-modal surveys. Each phase can be individual (conducting interviews with various target groups via several data collection methods) or inter-related. A standard project does not exist, it is adapted to each client and requirement!

An experienced team of 20 experts

1 senior researcher for each project

Hybrid and bespoke survey design

All of our teams are organised and composed of experienced professionals suited to each type of methodology used. Our collective intelligence allows us to guarantee fluid sharing of expertise and complementary approaches to offer you a bespoke response.

Hybrid and bespoke survey design:

  • Product testing: product delivery by an interviewer, a small-scale community and an online questionnaire

  • Mystery client: shopping survey, dashboard and quick questionnaire online

  • Qualitative research with producers: face-to-face interviews followed by real-life material tests

  • Rare targets: recruitment of specific targets followed by qualitative data collection by post

Multi-modal surveys

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