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Large-scale surveys

Using all data collection methods and solid production capacities, our teams are able to conduct many large-scale public surveys in the employment, transportation, health and social, environmental, education, leisure and tourism sectors, etc. as well as evaluation of public services and policies.

A team of 20 senior experts in each data collection method, from post to online

1 senior project manager for each project, supported by a multi-disciplinary team

Integrated multi-modal market research surveys, with development capacity

Compliance with quality and security requirements

(IT and GDPR)

Large-Scale Surveys

Knowledge of all research methods, integration around a unique platform of all data collection methods, quality assurance supervision, development capacity for production means, focus on data protection and security allow us to conduct all types of large-scale surveys with all types of public.

Our areas of action and support for large-scale surveys:

  • Assessment of public polices or services

  • User or citizen satisfaction

  • Mystery surveys for service quality assessment

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