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Product Testing

We have solid expertise in product testing and concept testing (prototypes), on site or at home, regardless of the type of product or site (qualitative, quantitative or mixed).

Entrust us with you pre-launch product testing!

A network of fully-fitted venues in France

A dedicated in-house department​

Product distribution/postage to homes

Product Testing

Consumer recruitment, delivery and collection of products, digitisation of questionnaires and data processing, community management or qualitative research… we are active throughout the production chain of product testing.

Our areas of action for pre-launch product testing:

  • Beauty products (skin and body care, make-up, perfume, hair products, etc.)

  • Food products (confectionery, dairy produce, cereals, grocery, etc.)

  • Beverages (water, soft drinks, alcohol, tea and coffee, etc.)

  • Hardware (electronics, household appliances, IT, etc.)

Do you have a project?

Our teams are here for you, call or email us!

Our trusted clients

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